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Issue 496 - Wed. March 7th, 2018

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This is an edited newsletter issue, containing only the
tip on gaining swing speed

Tom's Featured Tip: How To Gain Swing Speed

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

Almost every golfer that I know of, including myself, is interested in developing more swing speed so that they can hit their drives farther. Seniors should be very interested because as you age you depend more on arm speed for distance than when you were young, flexible, and able to turn dynamically.

Distance crazed golfers will buy just about any training aid on the market to add distance to their drives.

One training aid that I've been getting a few questions about lately is the SuperSpeed Golf Training System. It's a slick looking set of three shafts with various weights attached to the end. The player then swings each shaft for a recommended number of repetitions to build arm swing speed. There's nothing at all wrong with the product, except for the $199 price tag.

It works, but here's how you can make something that works just as well yourself for under $10, and I'll also tell you how to use it.
  1. Go to Home Depot, Lowe's, or Ace Hardward and buy a 48" fiberglass driveway marker for about two dollars, and buy a roll of duct tape for about four dollars.

  2. Now wrap a clump of duct tape at each end of the rod and you have your "el cheapo" swing speed training aid. The tape at the "clubhead" end serves as a little bit of swingweight, the tape at the butt end serves as a stopper so that the training aid doesn't fly out of your hands when you swing it.

  3. That's only six dollars, but if you want to get fancy you could put a golf ball on one end and an inexpensive grip on the butt end instead of duct tape.

  4. The top image in the photo below is the six dollar version. It works great.

    The lower image represents the fancier version. I drilled a hole in a golf ball and stuck it on the fiberglass rod, and added a grip. It also works great - with or without the grip. To be honest, I made these in about five minutes for this newsletter, and the one with the ball swings great without the grip - with only the tape stopper on the gripping end.

    One important caveat - if you use the golf ball option, make sure there's enough tape layered securely on the end to prevent the ball from flying off during your swing practice.
You'll end up with the same swing speed improvement result with either training aid option that you'd get from the expensive commercial option, as long as you put in the work .

Putting In The Work

Here's the golden rule for developing swing speed: practice extremely fast swings with a training aid that's lighter than your driver.

Extremely fast swing means swinging as fast as you can without losing your balance.

Here's a myth buster for a common misconception: swinging heavier training clubs do not contribute directly to developing swing speed. It may increase your range of motion, but the increase in arm speed comes from training with a training aid that's lighter than your driver.

Here's your TomTuckerGolf Swing Speed Training Routine. Do it twice per week in the off season for six weeks, then once a week in season. You'll need your "el cheapo" swing speed training aid and your driver:

First of all, do not do this routine unless your body can withstand swinging an object very fast. Check with your doctor first if you have any doubts. Extremely fast swings will put some strain on your body, but as the saying goes "no strain, no gain".
  1. Warm up with five medium speed swings with your driver

  2. Next, execute repetitions of extremely fast swings with your training aid in one direction (right handed direction) then execute the same number of extremely fast swings in the other direction (left handed direction) for balance. All swings are continuous without any stopping in between repetitions. Your swings should bottom out about twelve inches off the ground.

    This is very important: don't grip your swing speed training aid like you normally would grip your driver. Do not tuck the thumb of your left hand into the lifeline of your right hand because you may strain the ligaments in your thumb. For this drill, grip it like you would a baseball bat, like the "ten finger grip" shown below.

  3. Sets

    Do three sets of the recommended repetitions with your training aid, then do one set of 7 fast swings with your driver. Rest one to two minutes between sets.

  4. Repetitions

    Off Season
    1. Week 1 - 2 repetitions each way, then 7 fast driver swings
    2. Week 2 - 3 repetitions each way, then 7 fast driver swings
    3. Week 3 - 4 repetitions each way, then 7 fast driver swings
    4. Week 4 - 5 repetitions each way, then 7 fast driver swings
    5. Week 5 - 6 repetitions each way, then 7 fast driver swings
    6. Week 6 - 7 repetitions each way, then 7 fast driver swings

    In Season
    1. Once weekly - 7 repetitions each way, then 7 fast driver swings

Execute this plan with your "el cheapo" swing speed training aid and you'll add yards to your drive for sure!


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,