[ TomTuckerGolf.com Tips ] Issue 13 - Date 05/16/12

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- Tom's Bonus Tip: Shaft Facts
- Tom's Featured Tip: Putters and Crime Doesn't Pay
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Tom's Bonus Tip - Shaft Facts

Knowing some general information about shafts can help you select equipment that suits
your needs.

Shaft Weight - a low weight shaft will launch the ball higher than a heavier weight shaft,
everything else being equal.

Low Kickpoint shafts will launch with a high trajectory, and with lots of spin.

Medium Kickpoint shafts will launch with medium trajectory, with medium spin.

High Kickpoint shafts will launch with a low trajectory, with the least amount of spin.

Manufacturers are working on a low kickpoint shaft that will launch with medium spin,
but they are not quite there yet.

Tom's Featured Tip - Putters, and Crime Doesn't Pay

For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from
a right handed perspective; lefties .... well, you know what to do

I recently followed links for information on a Medicus Overspin Putter, and lo and behold
I saw my friend Geoff Mangum representing the product. Now one might think that Geoff
was simply making a buck doing this, but as well as I know Geoff, I know that he's a
very principled person and absolutely would not do that. For real.

Geoff is - as far as I'm concerned - one of the most knowledgeable persons on the
planet as far as putting goes. So .... when he said the the Overspin Putter was one
of the five best putters ever
, I took notice.

Of course I also emailed him and asked him for the names of the other four putters, and here
is his reply:

"Dear Tom,

The list changes a bit but now I think the American Putter, the Q-Roll Putter, the
TaylorMade TPI 29,
and one from Column B: the Positive Putter, the Plop Putter, ... etc.
Of course, a number of "old" putters are also quite good, so long as they haven't been
designed after about 1985 or so.

Just sayin'


Geoff Mangum
Putting Coach and Theorist
PuttingZone.com -- golf's most advanced and comprehensive putting instruction."

I'm not sure what he has against putters designed after 1985, but his reply whet my
whistle for a used putter hunt. It doesn't take much to do that by the way, I'm addicted
to buying putters.

I immediately found a Plop putter on ebay and bought it.

I did some more research, and located the person that invented the prototype
Overspin putter for the Medicus version. I ordered one made to my specs, and
I'll let you know how it rolls the ball after I've personally tested it. I had
some preconceived notions against an Overspin putter in general, but Geoff's
testimonial changed my mind - at least enough to test one out.

If I really like it, I have plans to buy some inventory and to offer the putter
in conjunction with a putting lesson.

Stay tuned.

One more interesting thing
- as I searched for the putters Geoff mentioned, I read
a great article reviewing the American Putter here:

That peaked my interest, so I kept trying to find the American Putter Company to
pick up a used or new putter. I found names, website addresses, phone numbers, etc.,
but all were dead ends. Finally I found an article which shed some light on why I was coming
up empty with my searches.

The article, on NASCAR.com,  stated that in 2006 a former NASCAR owner named
Gene Haas was indicted for Federal Tax Fraud, and another person named Charles Todd
of Minden, Nevada, was charged with Tax Evasion in the same case.

This is where it gets interesting.

Charles Todd was identified as the owner of a nonexistent company, Supermill, doing
business as American Putter, that was paid $12 million for sham purchase orders, and
then he funneled 98 percent of that back to Haas.

Gene and Charles had a heck of a scam going until the curtain dropped, as it always does.

Crime doesn't pay - at least in the long haul.

Apparently that was the demise of the American Putter. Too bad, it looked like an
interesting putter and used ones are no where to be found. Maybe a few are laying
around some of those Federal Prisons that are said to have golf courses???

Enjoy, Tom

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