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- Tom's Quick Tip: Golf Ball Compression Video
- Tom's Featured Tip: Swing Speed Development
- Golf Lessons
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Tom's Quick Tip - Golf Ball Compression

This golf ball compression video has been making the rounds, but a comment
on the YouTube version stated this: "Non-standard golf ball... Plain and simple.
Golf balls deform, but not this much. I teach college physics..... "
You decide: http://www.flixxy.com/golf-ball-slow-motion.htm

Here's a slow motion video of a driver striking a Callaway golf ball, this one shows
more realistic compression: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y57pw_iWlk

Next issue we'll talk about ball compression, and if it's worth it for the average
golfer to be investing in premium golf balls or not.

Tom's Featured Tip - Swing Speed Development

In case you missed last week's tip,
it was all about weight training to help
you hit the ball further. I laid out seasonal weight training programs here:


but I pointed out that if all you do is weight training, you'll have a great body
and a slow golf swing.

I should also mention that there are more exercises you can do in addition to weight
training, such as core training, planks, band resistance exercises, etc. to help build
your body to generate and support a fast swing.

There are a lot of factors involved in getting the maximum distance out of your swing,
but swing speed is the main consideration, bar none. With a strong body and
a fast swing speed, you'll be able to maximize your distance. Hitting it where you
want it to go will be dealt with in future issues.

I have a teaching friend who advocates a slow, smooth driver swing. In my educated
opinion, smooth is fine, slow is not. Jack Nicklaus said this about a nice slow
driver swing - "it produces a nice short drive". Both Nicklaus and Palmer favored an
aggressive driver swing, and so do I. Good tempo and rhythm, and also fast.

In order to develop a fast swing speed, you need to practice fast training movements.


Here are a few very simple swing speed drills that anyone should be able to do that
absolutely will produce additional mph in your swing. Every additional mph will
yield around 2.5 yards of carry, give or take. I mentioned before that when I put my
college team through drills like these (and more conditioning drills) they gained on
average 6 mph per player - and one player gained a whopping 11 mph.


Start these drills about four weeks before your season, and do them three times
per week for that four week period. That should give you maximum results for your efforts.

After the season starts, do the drills once per week to maintain swing speed.

After the season is done, I usually do the other workouts listed in the weight
training sections here: h ttp://www.tomtuckergolf.com/workouts.html and wait until
four weeks prior to the next season for commencement of swing speed drills again in earnest.

When you do these simple exercises, always remember to do them once, then to do them
again in reverse in order to keep your body development in balance. Also, they should
be done in a continuous motion - like a pendulum in that respect - no stopping and
re-setting at the bottom. Finish the swing, pull it back all the way to the top, and swing
through again to the finish. Repeat the motion until your reps are completed.


15 medium speed full swings with a weighted club, then 15 reverse swings. Swing two
irons if you don't have a weighted club.

When you do the pure swing speed drills below, do reps 1-7 medium speed,
do reps 8-14 fast, and do reps 15-21 extremely fast. Don't be overly
concerned with anything but maximum speed. Don't swing so fast that you pull a
muscle or fall over in your follow through, but do let it rip.


Left hand only - 21 full swing reps forward, 21 reverse

Right hand only - 21 full swing reps forward, 21 reverse

Both hands - 21 full swing reps forward, 21 reverse


Both hands
- 15 fast driver swings, but this time you use good technique, finish
in good balance, and re-set for each swing. This should be your actual FAST
driver swing. Pay attention to technique but make it FAST. Think "swing fast"
not "swing hard."
It absolutely will change the speed of your swing.

If you have the opportunity to actually hit balls with the closing drill, do it - but
don't be overly concerned with the ball flight result for now. Your swing will be a bit
fatigued at this point.


I don't make any commission on these training aids, I recommend them because I know
they'll get the job done.

Momentus Speed Woosh - I use these for my own practice and for lessons.

Hank Haney Swingnature
- I don't own one, but it looks like a good kit for swing speed
training http://www.swingnature.com/ In fact, I think I'll buy one after I'm through with this
newsletter. I have zero sales resistance for anything related to golf, and I just talked
myself into buying this training aid after I proofed this issue :-)

If I had to choose, I would get the Woosh because the release drill is very useful for most players.

If you already release well, the Swingnature is completely bundled for swing speed drills.

If you are me, get them both.

Enjoy, Tom

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