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- Tom's Featured Tip: Wrist Positions for Good Ball Striking
- Tom's Bonus Tip: 3 Putt Avoidance
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For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from
a right handed perspective; lefties .... well, you know what to do :-)

Tom's Featured Tip - Wrist Positions For Good Ball Striking

Great ball striking involves (among other things) having your weight positioned correctly
on your front side, and sustaining a line of compression through the ball by maintaining
good wrist positions.

Wrist positions at address for chips and pitches are set up just as described in the
next paragraph, which is the impact position.

At impact, your left wrist should be either straight or slightly bent in the direction of
the palm of the hand. Your right wrist should be cupped, which means it is bent away
from the palm of the hand. As long as one of the wrists is angled correctly on the
club, the other wrist will be correct also.

The hands and wrists must remain in this compressed state into and beyond impact,
which is challenging for many players to get right without practice. Here's a good drill
for this, the inverted praying hands drill:

Wrist positions at address for full shots may be the same as for chips and pitches, or
for some golfers it's common to set up with a cupped left wrist and straight right wrist,
then on the takeaway, the wrists reverse - the left wrist goes flat, and the right wrist cups.
Now your hands and wrists are in the impact position, and they stay that way throughout
the rest of the swing.

For stock swings, the right wrist should NEVER flatten out completely at impact, even in the
immediate follow through.

Train yourself to attain these wrist positions through impact, and watch the ball start
to explode off the clubface!

Enjoy, Tom

Tom's Bonus Tip - 3 Putting Avoidance

Those with a fear of 3 putting make fewer one putts - so try to get the distance right
and be aggressive when the ball is below the hole. However, it's perfectly fine to be
careful on very low percentage putts and downhill, fast putts.

When I coached golf at GCC I used to tell my players to hate bogeys more than they
loved birdies, because they had the exact opposite problem - no fear of' 3 putting,
even though they had their share of them.

A good way to get past a fear of 3 putting is to stroke twenty five 3 foot putts,straight uphill.
Line the putt up carefully, set up carefully, then tell yourself "straight back, straight through"
as you stroke the putt.

Listen for the ball to drop, don't see it drop.

You'll probably make between 23 and all of them, and it's a great confidence booster.

Try it, you'll like it.


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