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- Tom's Featured Tip: Long Putter Ban Options
- Tom's Bonus Tip: Buying New Irons as a Gift?
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Tom's Featured Tip: Long Putter Ban Options

For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from
a right handed perspective; lefties .... well, you know what to do :-)

In the very near future, the USGA will most likely be issuing a ruling that will ban anchoring
putters to the body, which will snuff out the use of belly and long putters as we currently
see them being used.

In an article that I read today, the writer projected that this ruling will also effect players like
Matt Kucher, who lets the putter shaft of his belly length putter run directly up his forearm.

Personally, I think it's ludicrous to do this now, after this style of putting has been in play
for decades. I know purists would argue against this point of view, but why now? Why
not when they first came into play many, many years ago?

The intent of this article is not to rant, but to offer ideas on how these putters can still
be used effectively, so I'll get to it.

Belly Putter Options

I wholeheartedly recommend using belly length putters with the very lightweight
long Super Stroke grips that minimize the effect on swingweight, especially for my
students that tend to want to flip the club at impact. Yes, players that flip the club for
other swings do it on their putting stroke too.

Set up so that your belly length putter has a little forward shaft lean, which puts
your hands in a flat left wrist position, and position the ball well forward in your stance.
The amount of shaft extending above your grip adds enough ballast to the shaft to
keep you from flipping the club or "yipping" the putt. Execute your stroke without having
the butt of the club anchor to your body.  You can groove a great stroke with this positioning.
This would be a good putting stroke tweak for Matt Kucher.

Long Putter Options

For those of you that putt like Adam Scott, who anchors a long putter to his sternum then
executes a shoulder rock stroke, here's a great solution. Simply extend your upper
hand away from your body so that it's under your chin, then lock your arms and hands
in position and execute the same shoulder rock stroke. This works like a charm. I'll be
curious to see if Adam Scott adopts this technique if the ban becomes a reality.

Make next year your best year.

Love your practice, enjoy your golf,


Tom's Bonus Tip: Buying New Irons as a Gift?

For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from
a right handed perspective; lefties .... well, you know what to do :-)

Around this time of year I often get emails from parents of junior golf students
asking for advice on
buying a set of irons for their son or daughter. In fact - here's a
response that I sent to one parent today. If you want to buy someone irons as a Christmas
gift, you should to read this. BTW, I've omitted the names for confidentiality, and this
particular player is high school age, has been at the game for awhile, and has been improving,
and I know his swing.

Hi XXXXX, the possibilities are almost endless, so I'll give you
some guidelines, then you can shop various brands until you
come up with something XXXXX likes.

First of all, his set should be comprised of 4 iron through PW, and the
gap wedge that goes with the set. Personally, I buy the sand wedge also,
that way I know that all the clubs are "gapped" properly from
club to club. Sometimes players have favorite sand wedges, if that's
the case with XXXXX let that be.

Irons are generally classified into three categories by manufacturers:

Super Game Improvement irons - for beginners, very forgiving, usually
have a lot of offset, a large head, and a wide sole.

Game Improvement - for intermediate to good players - have about half
the offset of the super game improvement irons, a smaller head, and a medium width sole.

Player Irons - for highly skilled players, no offset - usually a "blade" type iron, a small head,
and a narrow sole and topline.

XXXXX has graduated to a game improvement iron. I think he could play
a men's steel stiff shaft, with perhaps a lighter shaft than traditional steel,
which is readily available. He could probably play either a regular flex or
or a stiff, but stiff will afford a little more control. He should not play irons
with a full offset throughout the set. Graduated offset may be ok.

A performance factor to consider is that not all stiff shafts play the same.
Some play stiff shading towards regular, some play stiff, and some play stiff
shading towards extra stiff. Either stiff shading towards regular, or stiff playing
stiff would be appropriate for XXXXX.

Another important factor to consider is how the irons look to XXXXX's eye, so I
wouldn't just go out and buy irons for him. I would recommend going to Golf
Galaxy, have XXXXX hit a few different brands, then decide what looks and feels
good to him before you invest.

Don't be in too much of a hurry deciding, because this set of irons should last him
until he's gone from the nest, then he can buy his own after that :-)

There are many brands that are very reliable - Ping, Callaway, Titelist,
Taylormade, Mizuno, Adams, etc. I played Callaway for years personally, but
this year I switched to Pings with a lighter steel stiff shaft and I love them.

If you end up with 2 or 3 brands and can't make up your mind I'd be glad
to throw my two cents in at that point.

I hope this is helpful, feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

Love your practice, enjoy your golf,


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