Golf Tips Newsletter - Issue 251 - June 26th, 2013


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- Tom's Featured Tip: Swing The Putter
- Tom's Bonus Tip: Tighten Up
- Equipment Review: The JXS-3 Putterwood 3 Wood
- Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
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Tom's Featured Tip:
Swing The Putter

For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from a right handed perspective; lefties .... well, you know what to do!

My students run the gamut from a young professional player that is playing mini tours, to raw beginners, and everything in between.

One current student is a very good player that needed some fine tuning on his ball striking, and needed a major re-do on his putting method.

I tell this story because his issues commonly apply to intermediate and good players that are doing research and trying to improve aspects of their game.

The problem areas were a lack of confidence, lack of structure in his approach to putting, grip and posture issues, and a very mechanical stroke.

We addressed each issue as follows:
  • Lack of confidence - This was easy. I simply asked him to remove all negative self talk and to consider himself to be a very good putter. In fact I formaly ordained him as a good putter. Putting is an area where you can become as good as the pro's if you can put the practice time in, but you'll never get there if you don't have a high opinion of yourself. Always think of yourself of as a good putter (or better)

  • Lack of structure - Again, this was easy. We found a good grip, good address position, good weight distribution, good shaft angle - I call it the impact fix position for putting - and a good stroke path. All easy to adapt to and to practice. Yes, I said practice - all of these positions need to be second nature, and they get to that point by being practiced.

  • A very mechanical stroke - This is an issue that plagues many players that try to improve on their own. The problem is a lack of "swing" or "feel" in their stroke. They are so restricted mentally by their perception of being a bad putter that they become too careful in their stroke. Their stroke turns into a pushing or shoving motion with a flip at the end, totally devoid of rhythm and tempo. They usually leave a majority of their putts short of the mark. Their stroke looks - and is - so stiff that there is very little chance that it will start out on line, and lag control is even worse.

    It's hard to watch because you can almost feel their pain.
This player was having a tough time getting through an aimline drill that is part of my lesson until I asked him to try to feel that he was swinging the putter, not aiming it. When he transformed his thoughts and his stroke, he rolled ten perfectly straight putts in a row. I felt his self belief growing with each perfect putt, and that's a good feeling for both player and teacher.

The moral of the story is to "think swing" when you stroke a putt - with this caveat: keep your hands and arms firmly set in good impact positions and move the swing with your shoulders.

Here's a good drill to practice to feel a swinging putting motion- line up about ten balls and then stroke each putt rhythmically with your right hand only (rear hand), maintaining some dorsiflexion in your right wrist (don't let it break down) to guard against a flip at impact.

The professional player that I mentioned that's playing mini tours is Chris Carroll, a Buffalo area native that currently teaches golf in the NYC area. He comes back to Buffalo a couple times a month and we get together for lessons. He just got a major break from a company that sponsors promising players. They took him into the fold and are sponsoring him on a mini tour circuit, and if he does well thay said they'd sponsor him for "Q" School. Kind of neat to have a local guy with an opportunity like this, I'll keep all of you posted on his progress - and good luck Chris.

Love your practice, enjoy your golf,


Tom's Bonus Tip:
Tighten Up

For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from a right handed perspective; lefties .... well, you know what to do!

I recently gave a driver swing lesson to a good young golfer.

His swing pattern looked pretty good, but the ball just didn't seem to be flighting as well as it should for the swing he was putting on the ball, and it didn't sound quite right at impact.

After observing about ten swings, I checked the face for center contact, and all the swings were on the sweet spot. I then asked him if he had tightened up his adjustable driver lately, and he . said that he hadn't tightened it up since he set it up - way back when.

We broke out the wrench and sure enough, the loft adjustment screw needed to be tightened, and the rest of the screws also needed to be torqued.

After we tightened everything up, the strike sounded right and the ball reacted like it should for the good swings that were being executed.

If you swing an adjustable driver, tighten it up every time before you use it.

Love your practice, enjoy your golf,


Product Review:
The JXS-3 Putterwood 3 Wood

In Issue 247 I reviewed the JXS-HB Putterwood Hybrid-Blade from
Sorenson Golf

Subsequent to that review, they supplied me with another model for review, the The JXS-3 Putterwood 3 Wood

Here are my impressions of this putter, which - like it's hybrid brother - looks a little different, but feels great.

Mine was the model with the black matte finish, and like the hybrid provided superb contrast with the single line sweet spot marking on the top of the club. The clean, uncluttered look of the single white line makes it very easy to aim the face.

I preferred the look of this mallet type head to that of the hybrid. It just relaxes me when I look down at a larger putter head vs. a smaller putter head.

This putter really shined when used for puttable options from off the green. The head just glides through the grass like it's not even there, which is a huge confidence builder. I liked the hybrid for this feature, but I loved the 3 Wood putter for it even more.

I recommend this putter for players that want to try a mallet putter with toe hang weighting, which is an unusual combination. From a teaching perspective, you should get comfortable with a mallet type putter, they are the most forgiving. If you've never tried one give this a try.

I give this putter two thumbs up, and once again I want to state that these people are really great to deal with.

Normal retail on this putter is $149, and Sorenson golf sent me this email regarding a discount:

"Your readers may receive a 20% discount if they order through our website at Sorenson Golf and enter Tucker20 in the coupon box on the check-out page. The coupon code will be valid from June 26th, 2013 through October 1st, 2013. Or if your readers prefer to call, they can call us at 319-385-2233 or 800-524-6068."

For the record, I do not make any sort of commission on sales of this putter.

Here are the manufacturer specs for the The JXS-3 Putterwood 3 wood :
  • The JXS-3 features 4 degrees of loft and a 70.5 degree lie angle.
  • The JXS-3 head weighs 330 grams
  • It features the extreme heel shafting characteristic of all the Putterwoods.
  • The hollow core design gives the JXS-3 a uniquely solid feel, an extraordinary sound, and an amazing roll.
Love your practice, enjoy your golf,


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