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- Tom's Bonus Tip: Gettin' Some Swag
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Tom's Featured Tip - Get Specific

OK, you read last week's newsletter and are starting to get some confidence - some
swag - in your golf attitude.

Now let's work on "focus" a little to actually help out your scoring.

I have been working with a good player that recently experienced a new consistency in
his scoring because he made a change in part of his mental approach to his game. 

He had not been scoring up to par lately, so we analyzed why that was the case. 

We discovered that he was taking things for granted.

He plays most of his golf at a local course where he has a membership. As a
result, we discovered that on most of his shots, he was getting lazy with his aimline.
He knows the course so well that he was aiming generally at targets, instead of aiming
specifically at targets. The result was usually an indifferent shot to the green, with
too much length on putts to be reasonably aggressive for a birdie putt vs. lagging it
conservatively for a par.

So the first thing we did for all of his full shots was to have him hone in on a very specific
target for every shot.  For drives, it meant looking at a leaf on a branch of a tee for
an aimline. For approach shots to greens it meant looking at a very specific landing
spot on a green, or even imagining a traffic cone where he wanted the ball to land.

His driving accuracy improved, and so did his approach shots, but not only in aimline
accuracy. The unexpected benefit for approach shots was selecting the right club
because he was also focusing better on yardage, and getting the ball closer to the
correct distance more regularly.

The most significant benefit for his scoring was in his putting.

He had been generally getting the line, then stroking a putt.  Now, in addition to getting
a much, much more specific aimline, he's then making speed adjustments, then adjusting his
very specific initial aimline, and stroking putts more confidently.  He now imagines a bright
red dot for the specific spot - distance and aimline - that he wants to roll his putt.

His scoring has reflected his efforts, very low numbers consistently.

Try getting specific with your game, I think you'll like it!

Enjoy your golf,


Tom's Bonus Tip - Gettin' Some Swag

I had some great feedback
after last week's newsletter on confidence, thanks to all
who took the time to email me. Here's an interesting comment I received from Jim E.,
a gentleman that took lessons from me last year.  Jim figured out how get some swag
in his game, and more power to him.

"Does success need to happen before you get complete confidence, or does confidence
breed success?"

From personal experience I can say the two go hand in hand. I don't have that natural
swagger in my personality so I needed the success to develop the confidence. Those
with the natural swagger (not arrogance) already have an level of inner confidence which
probably helps them attain success at a faster pace. So, the answer to your question
depends on the personality of the individual.

Case in point. The weakest part of my golf game has always been the long fairway shots,
both irons and woods. I joined a golf league this year for the first time and my scores
reflected the bad shots. I had no confidence in my swing because of all the bad shots
and I became overly cautious in my swing in an attempt to increase the accuracy. It
didn't work. So, I went back and read the saved notes from our lessons and one
aspect kept standing out -- practice, practice, practice.

For three straight days I went to the driving range, got a large bucket of balls, and
hit nothing but the 5/7 woods and irons. The first day I hit a few good shots. The
second, even more good shots and my body started to 'feel' the position it needed
to be in during the swing (muscle memory). The third day even more good shots
and I felt myself getting more confident/aggressive.

For the past 4 weeks in my league my golf partner is amazed at the transformation.
My fairway shots are now one of my strongest points and he commented last
Tuesday how much more aggressive my swing is and how well I'm hitting the

Yes, there's actually a little swagger there now.

Thanks again for the tips and lessons we had, I still refer back to my notes when
I'm having problems.

This weekend I'll be working to improve my short game.

Jim E.

Enjoy your golf,


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