Golf Tips Newsletter - Issue 348 - Wed. May 6th, 2015
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- Tom's Featured Tip: Driver Tee Height
- Tour Greens: - Tour Quality Synthetic Greens
- Health: Get Healthy With Daily Essentials
- Tom's Bonus Tip: Reverse Weight Shift
- Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
- Sponsors: Plum Creek Driving Range 
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I NEED YOUR HELP Kingdom Bound Semi Finalist

I've never asked for anything like this before, and it's not even golf related. However, this person is special to me so here the story.

I'm asking for help, and action has to be taken before May 10th.

My grandaughter, Makenzie Proefrock, is a semi-finalist for a contest where the winners get to be a part of Kingdom Bound Festivals. Kingdom Bound is a Christian gathering, and the songs all have a Christian theme.

Makenzie needs votes to win so here's what I'm asking - click through on the link below, then follow the directions and listen to her sing. If you like what you hear, please vote for her. Thanks, Tom

  • Go here: Kingdom Bound Semi-Finalists
  • Scroll down to the images of semi-finalists
  • Scroll left or right until you see Makenzie Proefrock - a photo of her and her guitarist
  • Click on her photo to listen to her song
  • Then click on the VOTE NOW link, choose her name from the drop down list, and click on Done
  • Thanks Again! Tom

Tom's Featured Tip: Driver Tee Height

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

For my students that are on the way to "owning" their swing, I recommend two tee heights for their driver.

"Owning" your swing means that you have a repeatable swing radius and plane for your clubs. The plane may change slightly due to the length of your club, but your radial arc should always be inside to inside (for most students).

When you face a tee shot with a wide fairway and no serious trouble lurking, I favor a tee height where the bottom of the ball is almost completely above the upper edge of the driver face when it's grounded behind the ball. This will give you the longest carry, but there are three other things that need to happen to make it effective:
  1. Your ball position needs to be well forward in your stance, just about off your left foot big toe
  2. Your swing has to be inside to inside and on a good plane (not flat)
  3. Your stance needs to be closed so that when you catch the ball on the inside and up portion of your radial swing arc, it will start online.
For a little less carry but more accuracy for tighter driving situations, tee the ball up so that about half - or less - of the ball is exposed above the upper edge of the driver face when it's grounded behind the ball. Your ball position should be just inside your left heel, and no further adjustments are necessary.

You still try to catch the ball just on the upswing, but not on as much of the upswing as the long carry swing. You want to hit about a three yard push draw with this swing, and the trajectory will be lower which will give you more roll after it hits the ground.

Learn both swings. It will take some trial and error to discover for your personal optimal tee heights for the long carry and the more controlled drive, but it's well worth the effort.


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


Tour Greens: Tour Quality Synthetic Greens For Superb Short Game Practice

Would you like to be able to practice with purpose in your own back yard?

Would you like your short game to progress from bad to good, or from good to great?

Would you like to get the ball up & down with more frequency?

Would you like to have a short game practice area in the privacy of your yard for practice and for friendly competition with your kids, your wife, and your friends?

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If the thought of having a beautiful tour quality practice green in your yard appeals to you, you're in luck.

In addition to my golf instruction business, I am also the exclusive Western New York sales associate for Tour Greens Western New York.

With Tour Greens you can experience the ultimate home short game practice solution.

Click here to read what Tour Pro's Fred Couples, Rich Beem, Boo Weekly, Blake Adams, and Chris DiMarco  have to say about their Tour Greens.

You all know me well enough to know that I don't affiliate with any product that I don't have a passionate belief in. These greens are the real deal. They are extremely durable - they can even withstand our challenging WNY winters.

For more information please click here:, or feel free to call, text, or email me to discuss your needs.


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


Health:  Get Healthy With Daily Essentials

Why am I promoting  Isotonix Daily Essentials  vitamins and supplements in a golf newsletter? Because I use them daily and I passionately believe that everyone would be better off drinking their vitamins in a liquid form rather than taking them via pills or capsules.

Why do I say that?

Because with liquid delivery, you have faster and more complete absorption of the nutrients contained in the vitamins and supplements.

Isotonix (liquid) vs. Pill and Tablet delvery systems.

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If you lack energy, sleep poorly, or feel generally lousy a lot of the time maybe it's time to try the Isotonix Daily Essentials Kit supplements that I take every day.

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Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


Tom's Bonus Tip: Reverse Weight Shift

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

We all want to avoid the dreaded reverse weight shift - when your weight goes to the rear side during impact instead of moving forward.

If you have a "shift to the rear then shift forward" swing style, you need to time the lateral weight shift so that it's seated forward at impact.

Here's what bugs me about some commentators when they see someone that "stacks" his or her on the forward side at address, then more so as they execute their backswing. I've often read and heard this: "they are now reverse pivoting", or "they are reverse weight shifting".

That's a bunch of bull.

Stacking your weight forward on your backswing does not in and of itself lead to a reverse pivot or reverse weight shift, as long as the weight keeps moving forward during the downswing transition.

When you hear "reverse weight shift" mentioned on a telecast or when you read it in a golf tip, understand the differences between swing styles and your interpretation of the swing will probably be more accurate than theirs.


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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