Golf Tips Newsletter - Issue 372 - Wed. October 21st, 2015
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Tom's Featured Tip: Wonder Wedge?
Tour Greens: Tour Quality Synthetic Greens
Tom's Bonus Tip: Putting Tip I Heard During The President's Cup
Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
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Tom's Featured Tip: Wonder Wedge?

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

I received this email from a senior player that I work with regularly:

"What do you think of this wedge? I'm thinking of buying it" and he included a link to a wedge with a very deep, wide, and flat sole.

It just so happened that I had received an email about a different wedge that was said to be rated the #1 wedge in golf by the Golf Channel (I never verified that claim), and it had the same basic profile of the wedge he inquired about (I'm not naming names, there are a lot of them on the market anyway).

Here's my reply to him:

"These gimmick clubs may work, but they are specialty clubs - meaning that there's probably only one great use for them for each golfer, perhaps for the player that always duffs his/her chips.

Plus you will need to take a club out of your bag if you now carry the maximum allowed 14 clubs.

They are band aid clubs for poor technique, but that doesn't mean that they won't work.

Just make sure they are USGA approved for play before you put it in your bag."

We all get bombed with email advertisements about the next best golf invention, but there's no substitute for good swing technique in the first place. If you own your swing, you shouldn't need a gimmick.

There might be one caveat here. If you have the chipping yips due to age or whatever, a deep, wide, and flat soled lofted club may actually be useful for relatively short chip shots. The problem is that although that club may increase your chipping functionality, it will most likely inhibit every other shot a wedge is designed to execute. Manufacturers claim otherwise, but I don't buy it.

To me that's not a good tradeoff.

If you don't carry 14 clubs and you're a lousy chipper, then you might want to give it a try. It is fun experimenting as long as the club isn't ridiculously expensive.

I've got to mention that "game improvement" irons have a wider sole than a player type iron. That sole - with relatively sound technique - is fairly forgiving, and will help you from making fat hits on your chip shots. The design allows for less precision with your strike. PLUS you'll still retain your wedge's functionality for other shots.

That's a better option in my book.

If these speciality clubs really were that useful, Callaway, Taylormade, Ping, Nike, and the other big club manufacturers would be including them in their iron sets.

I will admit to having had a specialty club in my bag many, many years ago - a two faced chipper. Mine had the loft of a 7 iron and you could use it right handed or left handed, so it had functional dual usage. However, the USGA eventually deemed it to be non conforming - "Rule 4 Form and Make of Clubs: the clubhead must be generally plain in shape (Appendix II, 4a) and have only one striking face (Appendix II, 4d);" - so I had to take it out of my bag.

If your nerves get so wracked over a chip shot that you absolutely can't execute a good chipping stroke, then maybe this type of club would be useful. Having said that, better advice is to get a swing before you get a gimmick club.

Which reminds me of a story a student of mine told me. He had taken several lessons from me and showed very rapid improvement. A friend he played with regularly noticed his improvement ("noticed" in the form of shelling out a few bucks regularly after their weekend matches) , and asked him if he bought new clubs.

He replied "No, I bought a swing."

I thought that was pretty cool :-)


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


Tom's Bonus Tip: Putting Tip I Heard During The President's Cup

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

While I was watching the President's Cup, I saw an interview with Jordan Speith, who I think is one of the best putters on the planet.

He said that he had been pushing some putts and discovered (golf is a game of discovery) something that got him straightened out.

He said he started looking at a blade of grass just in front of the ball, then tried to roll the ball over the spot he was looking at, then he said he continued to look at that spot for a moment after the ball passed over it.

The day after the interview (day 3) he carded 8 birdies in the first 14 holes.

I'm thinking that I'll give that a try, how about you?


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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