Golf Tips Newsletter - Issue 455 - Wed. May 24th, 2017
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Prepare to play your best golf by doing something now!

Tom's Featured Tip: Five Thoughts For Improvement
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Tom's Bonus Tip: Trajectory and Compression
Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
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Tom's Featured Tip:
Five Thoughts For Improvement

Instead of jumping from tip to tip with each issue of Golf Digest (I do like the publication), here are five specific areas that you can address now for long term improvement in your game.
  1. Get Good Information

    I recently had a blockage in my basement sewer line. I bought some equipment and tried unsuccessfully to fix it myself, then I called a plumber. He had the knowledge and the right tools to handle the problem. Thatís what you do when you don't have enough knowledge about a problem, you call an expert.

    Thatís why I'm always shocked when I hear a high handicapper giving a medium handicapper swing advice about some tip that he saw somewhere, and the medium handicapper is eating it up.

    The fact is that golf requires a diverse group of skills including putting, chipping, pitching, an iron game, driving and course management. You can learn all of it by reading good instructional books and watching quality DVD's on the subjects, but working with a competent instructor will save you time and money in the long run.

    When you get good information, you'll be motivated to apply it with a purpose. That translates to improvement.

  2. Develop a Good Work Ethic

    Getting better requires a time investment in terms of study, lessons, and practice. Simply taking lessons won't cut it. Thereís a significant time investment involved in building a correct movement pattern, and if you are sincere about improvement there are no shortcuts.

    If you make a commitment to focused practice, you can get better.

    Make your practice hard, hit off of poor lies, work on curvature and trajectory variations. If you don't challenge yourself, you won't learn anything.

    Plan the work and work the plan.

  3. Manage Your Time Well

    To learn a new skill, you must first engage in isolating one specific motion or skill and working on only that with repeated repetitions over an extended duration. This is called Blocked Practice

    As our body and brain learns the skill, we take the skills to the course and play the game. In a sense, that's like Random Practice because each consecutive shot will normally require a different club.

    There are no secrets, no miracle tips or cures, no miracle clubs. It's a process and it's work.

    Most of us have a life outside of golf, so we need to be creative and find moments to practice during the course of our day. I used to ask students to get in a certain amount of reps of a drill or motion between lessons. To some that thought was a little overwhelming, so now I ask then to do something specific for five minutes.

    Doing something for five minutes is more underwhelming than overwhelming so it gets done.

    Don't wait for the stars to align correctly so that you can get in a one hour practice session. It's great when that happens, but in the meantime find five minutes daily to practice some focused motion or movement pattern that you need to work on. The improvement you see will amaze you.

  4. Set Realistic Goals

    Start with a goal that you can realistically expect to accomplish, like hitting the fairway 50% of the time, or not three putting more than twice per round. Then when you accomplish those goals raise the bar. Lowering your handicap by two strokes over the course of a season may be realistic, lowering it by ten strokes is a pipe dream.

    Too many players set their goals based on their best shots, when they should be doing just the opposite.

    Get Real and you'll Get Better. You'll also enjoy the process more.

  5. Play Real Golf

    Golf is shooting the lowest score possible over 18 holes.

    The reality is most of us don't take lessons and don't practice enough. And when we do get to the course, we may take liberties with the rules as a result - such playing preferred lies when the conditions don't warrant it, not hitting a provisional ball when there's a good chance that we hit it out of bounds and intend to drop where it went out instead of re-hitting from where you originally hit it from.

    That really does nothing but delude yourself into thinking you're better than you are. You won't improve by doing that, so once again - Get Real to Get Better.
If you are really serious about improving your game, try these suggestions and eventually your score will reflect your efforts!



Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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Tom's Bonus Tip: Trajectory and Compression

I talk frequently with a professional golfer that I coach, Chris Carroll, from Buffalo.

The other day the topic of the trajectory of the shots of most good players compared to most amateurs came up.

Unless unusual circumstances dictate differently, the best players hit their long irons with a high boring trajectory, and their short irons with a low boring low trajectory.

Boring shots get through the wind well and land with sufficient backspin to have predictable rollout, or perhaps to hit and draw back in the case of short irons.

Most amateurs hit their long irons too low and their short irons too high with less than optimal compression.

If that's you, work on ball position and ball striking, and perhaps check to make sure that you are playing the correct flex in your irons.

Hitting the ball with a "soft" trajectory is a major cause of poor iron play. Increase your compression at impact and and you will reap the rewards.


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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