Golf Tips Newsletter - Issue 459 - Wed. June 21st, 2017
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Junior Golf Camp Junior Golf Camp at BCC
Tom's Featured Tip: US Open Comments
Tour Greens: Tour Quality Synthetic Greens
Tom's Bonus Tip: Reading Break
Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
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Junior Golf Camp
Junior Golf Camp at BCC

This year I'll be conducting several weeks of Junior Golf Camp for boys and girls at the Batavia Country Club. I will be assisted by Roxanne Noeth, who has won the BCC Ladies Club Championship several times.

At the camp, junior golfers will learn the basic skills of golf, as well as golf etiquette and self discipline. There will be daily games and prizes, and all the kids have had a blast at past camps. Availability is limited to 20 kids per week, it's on a first come first served basis.

This years camp will run for five days, Monday through Friday.

Junior Golf Camp hours are as follows:
Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 11 am. Monday through Thursday will include instruction, play, and contests.
Friday - Tournament starts at 6:45 am sharp and usually takes about an hour and a half. Each player needs a caddy age 16 or over, and a brief awards presentation follows the tournament.

There will be a ten minute break half way through each session, players should bring their own beverages and snacks.

Dates and Age Groupings are as follows:

July 10 - 14 - Ages 7 - 9
July 17 - 21 - Ages 10 - 15
July 24 - 28 - Ages 10 - 15

The cost for an individual junior golfer is $99 for the week. If two siblings attend during the same week, the cost drops to $89 per junior golfer.

Players will need to bring their own equipment.

For more information or to register, please contact the Batavia Country Club (585) 343-7600 ext 10. Payment is required to reserve your spot.

Tom's Featured Tip:
US Open Comments

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

I thought last weekend's US Open was a great, even if they didn't have greens as fast as billiard table tops and narrow fairways. I personally felt that the length made up for it - 600 plus yard par fives, and 500 plus yard par fours.

Congratulations to Brooks Koepka, he displayed extreme calm in the eye of the storm. I really thought he would wilt but he was awesome.

Two players made my legitimate SUPER up and comer list: Brian Harman and Hideki Matsuyama.

Harman's putting stroke is as pure as I've seen, he can really roll the rock. I wonder how many TaylorMade Ghost Spider putters were sold on Sunday night and Monday after his display of putting. I probably would have bought one if I didn't have a TaylorMade Spider Tour Black putter already ordered and on the way to my house. Heck, I might buy a Ghost anyway. One can never have too many great putters :-).

And Matsuyama's swing is as beautiful as any on tour.

I'm sure we'll be seeing these guys on the leaderboard in future majors.

On a negative note, Joe Buck got Brooks Koepka's girlfriend's name wrong - he actually used his ex-girlfriend's name. That was only one of the underwhelming moments of the Fox coverage. Joe has to go.

And Johnny Miller put his foot in his mouth when made a condescending remark about Justin Thomas breaking his strokes to par record.

Justin Thomas shot a 9 under 63, tying the all-time U.S. Open record; one of the men who did that was Johnny Miller, who famously shot a final-round 63 to win the 1973 US Open at Oakmont. Thomas's score did break Johnny Miller's relative-to-par record of eight under.

Here's what Johnny had to say after Thomas's round:

"Taking nothing away from 9 under par, 9 under is incredible with U.S. Open pressure,"

"But it isn't a U.S. Open course that I'm familiar with the way it was set up."

Then Miller stuck the other foot in his mouth when he added:

"It looks like a PGA Tour event course setup," he said. "I'm not sure where the days of the 24 to 29 yard wide fairways that we played every time went. It's interesting to see where the USGA has gone with the U.S. Open, being a little more friendly than in years’ past."

"A 63 for a par 72 is a heck of a score," Miller said, "even if it was the Milwaukee Open."

Hey Johnny, you may not have noticed that Oakmont played 6,981 yards; Erin Hills played 7,800 yards. That's pretty long for a Milwaukee Open if you ask me.

It would have been interesting if Johnny was doing the TV commentary during Thomas's round. I wonder what he would have said on the air. It probably would have been priceless!



Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


Tour Greens: Tour Quality Synthetic Greens For Superb Short Game Practice

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Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


Tom's Bonus Tip: Reading Break

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

This tip will save you strokes and speed up play.

Almost all of my students do not read enough break in their putts.

There was a study conducted at Pinehurst that showed that 65% of golfers under-read the break on a typical putt. Dave Pelz, one of my favorite resources for science-based putting research, did a study that showed that on 20 foot putts, high handicappers under-read the break on their putts 100% of the time.

Here's a very simple and extremely effective way to read the break:

If your putt is downhill, read it from behind the hole.
  • Downhill putts break more than flat putts, make adjustments as necessary
If your putt is uphill, read it from the behind the ball.
  • Uphill putts break less than flat putts, make adjustments as necessary
If this thought is simpler for you use it: read the green from the low side of the putt.

Favoring the low side positions your sight lines closer to perpendicular to the slope when you crouch, so you look into the hill, not down it.

This prevents reading any parallax into your break equation.

Parallax makes lines look like they converge in the distance, and that's the distortion you get when you read putts from the high side - the green ends up running away from you, making the distance between the ball and the hole look longer than it is.

Start using this tip now and watch your breaking putts end up closer to - or in - the hole.



Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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