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Issue 518 - Wed. August 8th, 2018
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Junior Golfers: Articles and Photos From 2018 Junior Golf Camp at BCC
Tom's Featured Tip: How To Get More Distance With Your Driver
Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
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2018 Junior Golf Camp at BCC: Photo's and Articles

2018 Jr. Golf Camp Articles and Photos

Tom's Featured Tip: How To Get More Distance With Your Driver

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective. HOWEVER since this was for a lefty, I've left it in lefty language.

These are the lesson notes that I created for a student after a lesson. They covered more than usual, and I thought that some of you looking for more distance might appreciate the info. Dave gave me permission to share.

08/03/18 Driver Swing Lesson Notes

Good job yesterday Dave, here are the key points from your lesson on gaining distance with your driver.
  1. Fitness

    • Adding strength and flexibility is never a bad idea. There are a zillion good books on the subject if you are so inclined.

  2. Swing with sufficient speed

    • Your swing speed can be enhanced by doing the swing speed exercise that we did yesterday with your inverted driver - that's called The Swish Drill.

    • Keep your arms straight in your takeaway and follow through, this will add centrifugal force swing speed. Your left arm will bend at the elbow as the takeaway turns into your backswing, and the right elbow will bend as your follow through turns into your finish, but keeping the arms straight for as long as naturally possible will add speed. Think "swing fast" not "swing hard".

    • You would benefit by adding some wrist hinge in your backswing to load some power into your hands. It may take quite a few practice reps to feel comfortable with it, but I think it would be worth the effort.

      The red and black line represents how far your wrists currently hinge in your backswing, which is very little. To get the proper degree of wrist hinge, as a lefty your right hand must be gripping the club more in the fingers, gripping towards the palm inhibits the hinging range

  3. A proper angle of attack - both horizontally and vertically

    • Your vertical swing circle angle needs to be angular, your horizontal angle needs to be directed so that you are striking the ball just before the outward apex of your swing arc.

    • Add some radial axis spine tilt at address to encourage an upward swinging launch angle. (Slide your hips forward an inch.)

  4. Ball position

    • Needs to be well forward in your stance, but not past the swing circle outward (towards the shortstop) and downward point of tangency. About an inch or two inside of your right heel worked well. You had been playing the ball too far forward in your stance and your brain was fighting a natural squaring of the face, which was contributing to that weak fade ball flight.

  5. Square and relatively centered clubface contact with the ball

    • Use a constraint like a pool noodle anchored to the ground with tees, or the gate drill to groove center face contact. Monitor contact with Dr Scholl's Foot Powder sprayed on the face of your driver for feedback.

    • Square the face through impact with that tennis forehand shot feeling with your left hand. It should feel like you are rolling the face closed as your left thumb points left in your follow through. This is important: you must have a disciplined downswing path that mirrors your takeaway path for this to be effective. You also need to set up with the face two degrees open to define the takeaway and downswing inside attack angle. If you attack with a "down the line" or "outside in" swing path, it will yield a disastrous result.

  6. Curvature that will get you some rollout after the ball hits the ground - hit your draw.

  7. Equipment that fits your body

    • The Titleist AVX ball is made for your swing speed, it's with a try.

    • I also think that you might benefit from a senior flex shaft and more loft on your driver. See if you can try that combination out somewhere - at least the shaft - before you buy.

Keep practicing


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