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Issue 523 - Wed. September 12th, 2018
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Tom's Featured Tip: "Feeling Good Impact" - Drills
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Tom's Featured Tip: "Feeling Good Impact" - Drills

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

We've all felt good impact at least a few times. It's that strike when the ball feels like it sticks to the face of the club for about a second, then launches off the face like a rocket. It's like you squished the ball and it exploded.

Impact is the first lesson in all of my lesson packages because if you can't get to good impact, you won't experience that "squished the ball" feeling, and you'll never experience really good ball striking.

This is a bit of a generalization, but good impact occurs:
  • when most of your weight has moved laterally to your forward side
  • with correct vertical and horizontal angles of attack

  • when you strike the ball in the center of the clubface
  • and when the club strikes the ball before it makes contact with the ground (drivers are different)
Most players know that to achieve good impact they need to hit down on the ball, but they often overdo it by trying to hit down.

The hitting down should be accomplished by ball position - knowing that it's positioned on the downward part of your consistent swing circle before your low point - and by getting some forward lean in your shaft so that your hands are ahead of the clubhead at the strike.

Poorer players usually execute with a steeper downward strike angle because they are hitting at the ball, rather than swinging towards the target. Better players execute a strike from a shallower angle because they swing more at the target.

If you are a steep swinger, or if you generally experience poor impact with your strikes, here are two drills that can help you get your attack angles on a better path, literally.
  1. Practice punch shots - short swings with an abbreviated follow through finish,

    Abbreviated Follow Through Finish

    but add this twist: alternate swings between an 8 iron and a putter. That's right a putter, because it uses a shallower attack angle than an iron.

    Start with your putter and make a swing that will send the ball 25 or 30 yards. Don't try to manipulate your putter in any special way. Just hit three long shots with your putter. Then hit four 8 iron low trajectory punch shots - short swings with your weight forward, good forward shaft lean, and an abbreviated follow through finish.

    Then make another long swing with your putter, then four 8 iron punch shot swings. Add wrist hinge as desired as your swing gets longer, but maintain the shallow angle of attack at impact that you experienced with your putter.

    Repeat that sequence until you feel that your angle of attack into the ball is sufficiently shallow to produce good impact at the strike. That should heal your attack angles.

  2. Practice center face contact with this simple 3 swing differentiation drill. I normally use an 8 iron for this drill because of it's neutral lie angle, but a 9 iron also works well.
    1. Swing 1 - hit the ball near the toe of the clubface
    2. Swing 2 - hit the ball near the heel of the clubface
    3. Swing 3 - hit the ball in the center of the clubface
Repeat this three swing sequence drill for a large bucket of balls, varying your swing length and swing velocity.

This will eventually give your brain and body great synchronization for striking the ball with the center of the clubface. Do the drill every few weeks just to stay sharp.

If your ball striking isn't up to par, I guarantee that if you do these two simple drills your improvement will be amazing.


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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