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Issue 526 - Wed. October 3rd, 2018
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Tom's Featured Tip: Turn Better To Hit It Longer
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Tom's Featured Tip: Turn Better To Hit It Longer

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

From what I see in my students, even the experienced ones, the concept of turning to gain swing speed is not understood well.

The "more traditional" way of turning away from the ball included maintaining some knee flex in the right knee, then turning the shoulders against the hips. That produced a "spring like" tension which was released on the downswing to obtain swing speed. It's a perfectly valid way to swing, but it also has the potential to cause back problems as the golfer ages.

The "new school" way of turning away from the ball allows the rear knee to straighten more (the longer the swing, the more it straightens), allowing the hips to open and gain more swing length in the backswing. I believe that it's a superior technique because it's much easier on the back and produces a very fast swing that feels effortless. This technique produces swing speed through "centrifugal force", as opposed to the "spring tension" torquing generated swing speed when the knee is held flexed.

To adapt to the "new school" way of swinging the club, you need to be able to execute a good turn, and to allow for some mobility in your head.

How To Increase Your Turn Radius
  • Practice making a big turn by holding a long pole across the front of your shoulders and making very slow backswings. I use an extendible pole (a light bulb changing pole - Home Depot $20). Make long, slow, gentle swings, allowing the right knee to straigthen and the hips to open, Note where the front end of the pole is pointing at the end of the backswing.

    This isn't me - but it's an image of the turning drill.

    Make ten swings, gently trying to extend the turn just a little further with each backswing, then swing forward into a gentle finish position. Note the spot where the pole is pointing at the end of the backswing, as well as the angle of the turn. The objective of this drill is to increase your shoulder turn, but be cognizant of your weight shifting and swing plane also.

  • Set up for the turning drill with both feet slightly open, and with a stance that's slightly narrower than normal. Then set up the same way when you play. Open feet and a narrower stance allows for a more full turn. The feet don't need to be as wide as is often recommended because you're not intentionally torquing your upper body against your lower body to build swing speed like you would with the "more traditional" technique.

  • The head is allowed to rotate slightly towards the rear during the backswing, and it may even move slightly laterally away from the ball. The head is also allowed to release with the follow through - meaning it swivels to follow the ball after impact.

  • At impact, the head should never be laterally forward (towards the target) from where it was positioned at setup.
If you could find ten minutes three days per week to perform the simple drill explained above, you'll love the results.

Try it, you'll like it.


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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