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Issue 749 - Wednesday February 1, 2023
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Tom's Featured Tip: Clubface Control

Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
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Clubface Control

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

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Clubface Control

Last week I conducted a couple of indoor lessons for two motivated adult players, one male and one female.

Each of these students participated in my last group swing speed training class and they both picked up significant swing speed.

What we worked on now with each student was developing a consistent ball curvature, namely a baby draw that would start to the right of the target line and curve gently back to the target line.

To accomplish that, you need an in to out swingpath with the face of the club slightly closed to the path. The great advantage of conducting an indoor lesson on a good simulator is that it provides data on the degree of inside-out or outside-in, and the degree that the clubface is open or closed to the path at impact.


The data point I like to look at first is the club face angle. One of the first things I teach at my Ball Striking lesson is that where the club face is pointing at the moment of impact is the primary controller of the ballís starting direction.

So if your club face is open you'll almost always push the ball, and if itís closed you'll almost always pull the ball. Regardless of what you do, itís only a bad thing if it over-curves away from your target. When it comes to which way your ball is curving, we now need to take a look at club path.


The club swing path angle refers to the direction the club head is moving at the moment of impact. Golfers tend to swing either inside-out or outside-in. For a right handed golfer, inside-out would mean swinging more to the right which would generally create a hook or draw bias. Golfers who fade or slice the ball generally swing outside-in, for the right handed golfer this is swinging more to the left. So to figure out how to curve the ball the way we want to, we need to look at the relationship between club face and club path.

The ball flight I generally like to teach with most students would be a push-draw because that is generally going to provide the best total distance result. But if a student has extraordinary swing speed, and if they prefer to see a left to right ball flight, a pull-fade can work too.

So if your ball is going to curve to the left, I want it to start to the right and vice versa. The relationship I like to see is about a 2:1 path to face. So if your path is 4 degrees inside-out, I want your club face 2 degrees open. Same goes for the other side of the spectrum. The bigger that match-up gets, say 10 inside-out and 5 open, the more curvature you'll see, but it should still end up pretty close to your target.

I usually like to train for less curvature rather than more, but I want the student to know how to curve the ball to the extreme in case they need that option when they are playing..

When training a student, I usually prioritize path first, then clubface control.

After path becomes consistent, for a draw you need to apply the correct amount of face closure.


This is where it got interesting - and different for these two students.

My male student and I had previously worked on closing the face strongly with a right handed movement that I coined called "waxing the hood". That consists of rotating your right hand firmly through impact so that it feels like your right hand has rotated to almost a palm down position at the strike. This closes the face severely.

With this student, that was providing too much face closure, so we concentrated on what the left hand would do through impact instead of emphasizing his right hand motion.

I had him do some left hand only swings, no club, with a feeling of "catching rain" with his left hand in his follow through - where the palm of his left hand felt open to the sky (palm up) in his follow through.

After 20 practice swings, I had him hit balls again, and his rate of rotation had slowed down through the ball and he was producing the correct ratio of path to face for the draw. That got us on track for the softer draw that we wanted.

My female student needed to concentrate on a stronger clubface closing rotation, so I had her practice 20 right handed "wax the hood" swings, and her results improved with the draw bias we desired.

Here's the takeaway: if you are trying to curve the ball with draw bias, focus on your right hand face closing rotation if you need a strong face (squaring up at impact) closing . If you need less face (squaring up at impact) closing, focus on your left hand rotation.

Get this right and you'll really like it.

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Buying a sponsored product through any of my affiliate links helps support this free newsletter, and I only affiliate with excellent products that I use myself.  Thanks, Tom

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