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9 O'Clock Drill

Study the image below. As you can see in the backswing, the players shaft is pointing directly at the ball and as he swings back down, his club is on the same plane during the downswing. This trend continues down into impact where his shaft and right elbow are on the exact same plane 9 o'clock plane he established during the backswing. When you can maintain a consistent swing plane, the rest becomes just details.

Step 5

While swinging the club back and through on one plane certainly isn't all it takes to hit great golf shots, swinging on a reasonably good plane is important and something that most golfers will have to work at to accomplish. By practicing this drill, you will quickly realize whether or not you have been swinging on plane and what you need to work on to correct it. The main area to focus on is getting the club on plane at 9 o'clock during the backswing as that sets the path for the rest of the swing. The downswing and impact area is nothing more than a reaction to what you did on the way back, so get this one simple position on plane and you will be well on your way to improved ball striking.

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