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Left Arm Extension Drill

Bending your left arm too much in the backswing is a power leak. The left arm extension drill gives you the feel of how firmly extended the left arm should be up to the 9 O'Clock backswing position.

You can perform this drill with a club in hand, or simply by getting your golf grip without a club and hanging onto yout left thumb with your right grip.

Perform a takeaway with normal rotation, but keep extending pressure with your right arm to straighten your left arm all the way to the 9 O'Clock position.

When your arms arrive at that position, your left arm should be firmly straight (not locked straight) due to the outward pressure applied from your right arm push.

From there, simply turn and pull your arms and hands down to impact.

Minimum of 100 reps each time you do this drill.

A great drill to accompany this one is the inside to outside swing path drill.
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