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Timing The Release in The Downswing

swinger release

This model is for a right handed player, lefties ... well, you know what to do.
  • The small black dot at the top represents a fulcrum point located at the left shoulder joint.
  • The line between the black dot and the blue dot represents a straight left arm. Note: most of us can't get our straight left arm anywhere near where it goes in the backswing in this animation. Don't worry about it, just swing your straight left arm back along with your body turn to where it stops without bending, and that should terminate your backswing. Bending your left elbow in an effort to feel like your backswing is getting longer ruins the leverage you develop by keeping it straight, and will not only dimish swing speed, but it will also cause a loss of directional control and a less solid strike.
  • The blue dot fulcrum point represents the hands and wrists.
  • The line between the blue dot and the red dot represents the shaft of the club.
  • The red dot represents the clubhead.
  • The image above depicts how the hands and wrists release their lag at impact for a "swinger". The release is happening gradually during the downswing with no attempt to hold it off. Momentum developed through proper technique with soft wrists will lag the club and allow it to release properly via centrifugal force.
  • For a "hitter" the shaft would stay intentionally lagged for a longer period of time in the downswing, then the right arm would forcibly straighten at impact to produce a heavy "hit" through the ball.
  • For both "swingers" and "hitters" the left wrist is flat or slightly bowed (palmar flexed) at impact, the right wrist is bent back slightly (dorsiflexed). The left wrist never cups (dorsiflexion) through impact.
  • There are successful "swingers" and "hitters" playing the tour, however being a "hitter" requires more timing for everything to be solid at impact. There's more margin for error in the "swinger" model.
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