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The Swish Drill

When a player prematurely releases the club, a very common problem, power is leaked from the swing and the trajectory of the shot will be incorrect and inconsistent.

The swish drill will help you learn to time your downswing action so that power is preserved for the critical moment of impact.

Turn your driver upside down or, better yet, use a driver shaft with no clubhead. If you use your regular driver, grip the shaft directly below the clubhead. Take your address and then swing. If you hear a swish sound right away while swinging down, you have released the club to early. This fault is called "casting".

Keep swinging and retaining your wrist hinge longer until you hear the swish at the impact position.

At the range, after 15 repetitions hearing the swish in the correct position, hit a few balls.

You should see the balls fly with a piercing, low, straight flight.

Do this drill as a workout every 3 months as follows:
  • Do the drill Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for three weeks.
  • Three sets of 15 ultra fast swings, rest two minutes between sets.
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