Golf Tips Newsletter - Issue 308 - July 30th, 2014
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Special Health and Wellness Edition

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Health and Wellness

I have been waiting over a year to write this issue, and I'm pretty excited about it. It's not that I'm a "serial procrastinator", I just wanted to take my time with a lengthy testing period for the supplements that I now use religiously, and now am able to offer to you.

The supplements I want to tell you about are not just for older golfers, but they may benefit the most because of how aging effects our bodies.

My goals when I decided to try all natural supplements in April 2013 were twofold:
  • to get stronger
  • to improve my golf, my overall functional fitness, and my health in general
I did that, and then some, all the details are here: Get The Edge - Health and Wellness. That page and the pages linked to it - Supplements That I Take and Recommend, and Golf Strength and Fitness have all the details. They would be too lengthy to post in an email newsletter.

My GHIN handicap index is as low as it's been in 20 years (1.7) and my strength levels have increased dramatically. I also lost about 15 pounds in the process, and that doesn't hurt either.

On the pages that you find at Get The Edge - Health and Wellness, you'll find my story and my wife's story on how these supplements helped me to the point that I no longer need to take high blood pressure or high cholesterol medication, and how one supplement in particular has removed all of the joint pain from my knees so that I can train hard and play golf without knee pain. This improvement from a condition where I used to wince from the sharp knee pain from simply walking up a flight of stairs or after a hard driver swing.

My wife's story is more dramatic, because after she got on her specific supplements regimen, a scary four year old problem associated with her blood cells disappeared. The prescription drugs she had been taking prior to taking these all natural supplements didn't make a dent in the problem.

You'll also find a strength training regimen spelled out in detail at the Golf Strength and Fitness link at Get The Edge - Health and Wellness, as well as some supplements that you should be taking if you are already working out to enhance the benefits from your training.

Please click through to Get The Edge - Health and Wellness, and look all of the information over. After you read everything, I think you will decide to try some of the supplements, because frankly speaking you have everything to gain for your golf health and overall general health by doing so!

Love your practice, own your swing, own your health


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