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Issue 506 - Wed. May 16th, 2018
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Tom's Featured Tip: Q&A: 60 Yard Wedge Shots; Bonus tip - RESET
Lesson Comments: What Students Have To Say
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Tom's Featured Tip: Q&A: 60 Yard Wedge Shots; Bonus Tip - RESET

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

I coach a professional golfer - Chris C. - who called me last week to tell me that he was practicing his 60 yard wedge shots and was digging the blade edge of his wedge into the ground before impact. In other words he was hitting it a little fat.

He told me that he was practicing on wet grass, and other than that everything else was normal.

Usually with him it's a very minor tweak and he's back on track.

My first bit of advice was simply to tell him to set up with more weight on his forward foot, and to grip down about an eighth of an inch to compensate for any sinking that may have been happening in his stance. Then I said if he was practicing on dry ground just to make sure that he sets up with more weight on his forward foot, and to "bump" his weight laterally forward slightly to initiate his downswing.

He then went out and hit 60 balls, and reported back that his contact improved, but that he still was catching the ground slightly before the ball with his strike.

The next thing I told him was the solution, but I want to go through my thought process before I tell you, so that you can duplicate it in case you are having the same issue.

There are a couple of ways to approach a three quarter or half wedge shot, and they both work. Each of them has one inherent issue that requires a lot of practice: maintaining the same swing sequence as a normal full swing, and maintaining swing acceleration through impact.

One method would be to maintain a relatively normal shot swing length and to make the swing slower. The problem with this technique is that most players will end up de-accelerating through impact, and that will cause a host of distance and direction problems - and it won't impart much of spin.

Another method - which I prefer - is to shorten the swing and maintain the same sequential pace as your normal swing.

My suspicion was that Chris had his swing out of sequence, or that he was making one specific technique mistake. So I asked one more question.

I asked him "if you were to hit balls one handed off a tee with an 8 iron - easy, choked down swings - which hand would be easier for you to hit, your forward hand (left) or your dominant hand (right)?" He replied that it would be his right (dominant) hand for sure.

That led me to the conclusion that he was probably releasing his right hand wrist position a little too soon prior to impact, causing a slightly fat strike - a "mini flip" move. He has exceptional (Tour Pro level) swing speed, and when he swings full throttle, the angle of his strong hand wrist is maintained through impact. However, with the shorter backswing required for the 60 yard shot his timing was off, and that was causing an early release - flipping.

I explained this to him on the phone, then told him to make sure he maintains his setup wrist angles through the strike by consciously holding the angle of his right wrist through impact.

He then went out and hit 60 balls, and he told me that 57 of them were absolutely pure strikes.

So the advice for pure strikes on less than full swings is this:
  1. Set up with some forward shaft lean in your club.

  2. Put about 70% of your weight on your forward side foot prior to your takeaway and backswing.

  3. Even though the swing will be shorter than normal, maintain your swing sequence and speed and be sure to use a tiny lateral weight shift "bump" to initiate your downswing, and to put more weight on your forward side foot.

  4. Hold the angle of your right hand wrist until your are past impact.

  5. Practice, practice, practice until you nail down your backswing length stopping points for various length shots with your half or three quarter wedge swings.
Keep all of these thoughts in mind as you practice, but when you play distill it down to three key thoughts:
  1. Weight left
  2. Swing at the target
  3. Maintain forward shaft lean
Try this, you'll love it!

Bonus Tip: RESET

When you are about to take your shot, but you change your mind about anything - target orientation, curvature, distance, etc. that will change your swing, don't swing until you RESET.

It takes your brain about ten seconds to process the new information, so step away, take ten seconds, then go through your pre-shot routine again.

Try it, you'll like it.


Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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