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Issue 557 - Wed. May 15th, 2019
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Tom's Featured Tip: Step, Swing, and Push for Speed
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Tom's Featured Tip: Step, Swing, and Push for Speed

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.

I was asked a question today while booking a lesson over the phone.

The student asked me if I felt that the downswing should be started with the lower body, or with the arms or shoulders.

His question deals with a critical fundamental downswing tenet - starting the downswing with your lower body, NOT your shoulders or arms.

Starting the downswing with the shoulders or arms is one of the most common mistakes I see at the range, as well as with my novice students. It always leads to a bad downswing path, and it robs the player of a HUGE amount of swing speed.

The swing speed pyramid starts with ground reaction forces, then moves up through the body and eventually makes its way out to the wrists.

The backswing starts with the upper body and works down; the downswing starts with the lower body and moves up.

A decent analogy would be a spring winding up from top down, then unwinding in the opposite direction from the bottom up.

Thinking that way only tells half the story though, because there are vertical ground forces that add to the lateral and rotational forces to build swing speed. It's the pushing up with the left leg after it has been loaded in proper sequence with the unfolding of the downswing that adds the icing to the cake as far as swing speed goes.

Here's the drill I use all the time in conjunction with my lessons, especially with students that are unloading their downswing out of sequence and without power.

The purpose of the drill is to insure that the left leg is pressured into the ground prior to rotating the swing through the ball, and then extending the left leg for power and swing speed at the right time in the sequence.

I call it the Step, Swing, and Push Drill.
  1. Address an imaginary ball on the ground with your driver, and note where your lead foot is positioned.

  2. Slide your front foot back so it's right next to your rear foot while you take your backswing to it's normal full length and hold it there.

  3. Your feet should be pretty much together, and the club should be at the top of your backswing.

  4. Now slide your front foot back to where it was at address, and transfer about 80% of your weight to the front side with your front side knee slightly flexed. Make sure that your arms and shoulders have not released at all until the weight is almost fully transferred to the forward side.

  5. When the weight is just about 80% transferred, allow your swing to release, and as it approaches the imaginary ball straighten your left leg dynamically and forcefully. Push up hard on it.

  6. Rotate through to a full finish.

  7. Heres a video clip of Martin Hall doing a similar drill. Step-Swing Drill
    There is one important and different point of emphasis between the drill I've laid out above and his - that of concentrating on straightening the forward leg forcefully to add more power and speed to your swing.
Try this drill, I'm sure you'll pick up some swing speed.


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