[ TomTuckerGolf.com Tips ] Issue 8 - Date 04/11/12

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- Tom's Quick Tip: Walking It Across The Road
- Tom's Featured Tip: Sand Shots Made Simple
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Tom's Quick Tip - Walking It Across The Road

"Walking it across the road"
is a phrase associated with taking your good range swings
from the range to the course.

A great way to do this is to play some imaginary holes just before you leave the range. I
actually try to take the swings - in sequence - for the first three holes that I will be playing.
I even take one putting stroke per hole just for posterity.

Try this and you'll have a seamless transition from the range to the first tee.

Tom's Featured Tip - Sand Shots Made Simple

For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from
a right handed perspective; lefties .... well, you know what to do

I have two sons - and two grandsons - who are all excellent golfers. In fact, my
sons are both currently the Club Champs at their respective courses.

Monday, I was talking with my oldest son Tom, who carries a +1.6 handicap index at
a tough course in Tennessee. He played on Easter Sunday with his two sons, and
the youngest - Cameron - was struggling with sand shots.

They had a little space between them and the following group, so he had
Cameron take a few practice shots from the sand that ended up being very
good. He gave him some very simple advice which I'm going to share with you.

I study the golf swing continuously, and I never came across this tip before - and
I love sharing unusual stuff like this that actually works. BTW, I know it works
because I ran out and tried it right after the conversation with my son.

Tom gave his son the one squish, two squish, three squish method for getting
out of sand to various distances.

If you have a relatively long bunker shot, squish your feet into the sand once.

If you have a medium length bunker shot, squish your feet into the sand twice.

If you have a relatively short bunker shot, squish your feet into the sand three times.

The more you squish your feet into the sand, the shorter the ball flies, because
your club bottoms out deeper below the ball than it would if you squished less and
stood taller.

More sand equals less flight.

Your setup needs to be: weight feathered to the front foot, open stance, clubface
square to the target.

Swing along your body lines, which will be produce a slightly outside - in swing path to your
aimline, and most important - make sure you hit the sand before you hit the ball!

This could be a stroke saver if you struggle in the sand, give it a try.

Enjoy, Tom

Golf Lessons

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All the best, and remember: Victory Loves Preparation ~

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