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Issue 643 - January 13th, 2021
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Tom's Featured Tip: Five Longer Drive Tips

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Five Longer Drive Tips

For simplicity, all advice on actual swings or drills is provided from a right handed perspective.


Yours truly was honored as a Top 100 Teacher for the WGTF for the 11th year in a row. Here's a link to the list in the Winter Edition of our Teaching Magazine WGTF 2020-2021 Top 100 Teacher List. There are a few good articles in there too if you have the time to scroll through.

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Here are five main areas for improvement or adjustment that I normally address with my students that are either looking for or need more distance off the tee.

  • Use a swing speed training aid to develop more swing speed. I use this one: Swing speed training routines can be found in my previous newsletter articles: Issues 590, 591, 596, and 599. They can be found here: Newsletter Archives
  • Simply speed up your backswing and thus your downswing (without shortening your backswing). This is one of the things Bryson DeChambeau changed in his successful quest for more swing speed and enormous distance off the tee.
  • Try a 48" shaft on your driver. I personally added at least 10-15 yards of carry to my drive when I went to a 48" shaft.
  • Spray Dr. Scholl's Foot Powder on the face of your driver and monitor your face strikes. Practice hitting the toe, heel, and middle of your driver face to get a feel for hitting the sweet spot more consistently.


This factor alone can add up to 20 yards of carry if you have been hitting down on your driver.

Here's how to do it.
  1. Set up with the ball forward in your stance, and with some radial spine axis tilt. This helps you to strike the ball on the upswing portion of your swing arc.

    Get to this position by sliding your hips forward a couple of inches or so, NOT by leaning away from the ball. It looks like you are leaning away from the ball, but you're not - your weight is still about 50-50.

    Where people make a mistake is instead of trying to move their hips, they move their upper body.

    When done correctly, as you slide your pelvis to the left, your upper body tilts back in response. That's counterbalance, and that keeps your weight distribution about the same, at about 50-50.

  2. When you swing at the ball, you need to catch it on the ascending portion of your swing circle, like this:

    A great way to practice this is to put a ramp in front of the tee to monitor that your swing is moving upward past impact.

    Swing upward like this:

    NOT like this downward swing:

    I made my ramp (not shown) from a block of upholstery foam that I had laying around from an old chair cushion. I recommend something soft for the ramp while you are grooving your swing, it takes a little practice. You can get foam at JoAnn Fabrics, or any one of a number of other places.

    Try adding all or even some of these changes to your game and I GUARANTEE that you'll like the results.


    Love your practice, own your swing, own your health,


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