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Hi Tom:

I found my golf lessons to be very informative and extremely beneficial. I have already seen improvement in my game.

Your emails before and after the lessons are excellent tools to help remember all of the aspects taught at our lessons. I looked forward to my lessons each week and you provided me with some much needed confidence in my ability to play the game of golf. Thanks to you I might actually enjoy playing the game of golf and not get so frustrated.

My husband and I took lessons last year from another professional at (name of country club in Rochester withheld by editor) which I thought was a big waste of money. The lessons we received there came no where close to the level at which you teach and the in-depth knowledge you provide at your lessons.

I will stay in touch and let you know if I reach my goal to beat my husband in a round of golf this year.

Thanks again for everything,

Lynette C.

Full Swing Development

My training sequence for developing a student's full swing is as follows:

  1. Why the ball goes where it goes, and finging the bottom of your swing - the Ball Flight Laws - Ball Striking lesson, is the first lesson I always give to any serious student. It focuses on educating the student on why and how the ball starts out in a certain direction, and why and how it curves; and where the bottom of their swing falls. Then the student learns the correct ball position and weight placement to hit the ball first and ground second as well as how to start it down their aimline.

  2. Develop sufficient swing speed - the student is taught how to swing in a way that utilizes their natural leverage in order to hit the ball with sufficient power to play the course.

  3. Optimize accuracy - I use a "target cone" concept in my teaching. Keeping your shots within your target cone is a principle of accuracy that defines a "one sided miss". Your target cone starts at the target line and moves laterally about twenty yards to the right for a right handed player that plays a draw. But keeping it within the cone is only half the battle, because the shot curvature also needs to be consistent. Accomplishing this involves educating the student on why golf balls curve the way they do, as well as many swing repetitions to have the student learn a swing that produces a consistent starting line and curvature. The reasons for why a ball starts in a certain direction and what causes it to curve are covered in the Ball Flight Laws portion of the Ball-Striking lesson.

There are quite a few moving parts within each of the above segments, we proceed as fast as the student can handle the information.

During the course of lessons, swing theory is discussed in as much detail - or as little detail - as the student desires. A main goal of my teaching is to have students understand the concept of their swing so that they can self-correct their mistakes when they are practicing or playing. That's where the Ball Flight Laws information is critical.

How To Get Lessons

Call or text Tom Tucker at (716) 474-3005, or contact him via email at

Range balls for outdoor lessons are included in the price; premium golf balls are used for individual and two person putting and chipping lessons.

All lessons provide a thorough explanation of each subject so that the student will have a good fundamental understanding of each technique. A difference between Fundamental lesson modules and Private lessons, is that with Fundamental lesson modules, email preview notes and lesson follow up email notes are provided. The goal of a Fundamental lesson module is to provide an overview of the subject to the student, and to provide information for correct practice.

Each Fundamental and Private lesson for an individual runs about 45 minutes. Private Junior Lessons run 30 minutes.

Please Note that Indoor lessons are structured and priced differently, please click here for Indoor Lesson information.

Scoring Clubs Swing Development

Knowing the carry distance (how far the ball flies in the air) for each wedge or scoring club in your bag is critical to good scoring.

Developing and calibrating scoring shot swings is something that needs to be done in order to take your game up a notch. You may be able to shave anywhere from 2 to 5 shots off your handicap (depending on your starting handicap of course) if you dedicate yourself to improvement in this area of your game.

This is a two 45 minute lesson package where
  • you will learn a full swing length and a 3/4 swing length for four scoring clubs,
  • you will learn to repeat these swing lengths with consistent pace (speed and power)
  • you will then practice these swings with actual ball strikes on a simulator
  • we will chart your results for each swing length with each scoring club (you keep the charts)
  • you will learn your repeatable distances for each of the scoring club swings we practice

This lesson requires feedback to the student from either the instructor or a practice partner during the lesson. As such, this private lesson may be taken by an individual or by two students at the same time.

This lesson is normally conducted indoors on the simulator for precise distance calibration (perfect for winter skill develpment practice), but may be conducted outdoors weather permitting at the discretion of the student(s).

The rate for the two 45 minute lesson Scoring Clubs Swing Development package is $100 for an individual, or $75 each for two students taking the lesson together, payable in full on the first lesson date.

Swing Evaluation Session

The objective of this lesson is for the student to execute swings for their short game and long game under my observation, then to understand what needs to be improved in each area.

Includes four swings (after a brief warmup) with short irons, middle irons, hybrid, wood, and driver. Each swing is graded, and notes and recommendations are entered on a hard copy form during the lesson. The form is then scanned into a .pdf document and emailed to the student after the lesson for future reference.

The rate for Swing Evaluation Session is $50, payable on the date of the evaluation session.

The Fundamentals Five Private Lessons Package

Fundamental lessons are broken down into five modules: ball striking, putting, chipping, and the full swing (two lessons).

  1.  Ball Flight Laws - Ball Striking   This lesson covers the cornerstone of any good swing. It's probably the most important lesson any golfer should take, because what you learn at this lesson will benefit every swing you'll ever need to use in golf. 

    The focus of this lesson is to learn the reasons why a ball starts out in a certain direction, and what makes it curve in a certain way. Then you will learn the correct body and club positions for the "moment of truth" in golf, the impact position when the ball is compressed by the clubhead.

    Some instructors teach that there is only one way to grip the club, one way for correct alignment, one correct posture, and one way to swing the club. Although these are fundamentals, they are "variable" fundamentals. In other words there is more than one way to do some of these "fundamentals" correctly.

    Having said that, if there is one absolute fundamental in golf, it's the correct body and club positions at impact.   At your Ball Flight Laws - Ball Striking lesson you'll learn how to get to the impact position correctly - and when you can do that consistently, you're on your way to being able to play the game.

    Impact is what it's all about.

  2. Putting   during the fundamental putting lesson we discuss equipment and how environmental and other factors affect putting. The student will also
    • learn a putting grip
    • learn a repeatable putting stroke,
    • learn how to develop a stock putting stroke to become a good lag putter,
    • learn to stroke a putt directly down their intended aimline,
    • learn how to stroke short putts,
    • learn drills to continue practicing correctly on your own

    The student will leave this lesson with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of putting. Virtually every student that has taken the fundamental putting lesson has cut down on their "three putt" holes, which will improves scoring in a hurry. Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' old caddie, tracked a statistic that was very telling - when Tiger woods didn't three putt, he won 85% of the time!

    In my opinion, there is no reason why anyone can not become an excellent putter if they know what to do and are willing to practice.

    After this lesson, students will know what to do and how to practice.

    That brings up the "practice" part, and it's very specific to the course you are playing. You need to get the feel for the speed of the greens at any specific course on any specific day by getting to the course early and testing the speed of the greens as you are taught in the fundamental putting lesson. When you understand how to prepare like this and do so, you will approach the first tee with confidence.

  3. Chipping    Covers proper chipping technique to develop a "skull proof" chipping stroke. If a student is a poor chipper, he or she will be much improved after this lesson.

  4. The Full Swing (two lessons)    Students are taught an efficient, repeatable, full swing method for irons (one lesson) and for the driver (one lesson) .

    The Ball Flight Laws - Ball Striking lesson is a pre-requisite for this lesson, otherwise it would be like trying to learn to run before you learned how to walk.

    We review and refine the swing motion covered in the Ball Striking lesson, then we work on backswing and downswing movements to get the club into the impact position with power.

    We will go through various drills and hit balls, and may spend some time on developing a pre-shot routine,

  5. RATES   The rate for the individual private Ball Flight Laws - Ball Striking Lesson (1 hour) is $60.

    The rate for any other Fundamental Private Lesson Module (Putting, Chipping, or Full Swing - 45 minutes) is $50.

    The rate for a pre-paid Fundamental Five Lessons Package Deal is $235, a $25 savings.

    All lessons include range balls or other balls used for the lesson.

5 Lesson Pre-Paid Package

This package is available to any level player. The outline for the five lessons will be determined after consultation with the student. For any new student, the ball-striking lesson is mandatory as the first lesson because that particular lesson establishes the foundation for all swing lessons that follow.

The rate for 5 Lesson Pre-Paid Package for an individual is $225, you save $35. The duration of each lesson is 45 minutes, range balls included. The full amount is due and payable at the first lesson.

Playing Lessons

Playing Lessons are conducted at the Batavia Country Club, located at 7909 Batavia - Byron Rd, Batavia NY 14020

For a playing lesson, the student decides beforehand on how they want it to proceed. It can be done several different ways:
  1. The instructor can play each hole with the student and discuss course management, club and shot selection for every shot;
  2. The instructor can play along and critique each hole after it's played;
  3. The instructor does not play at all, but coaches the student on course management and club selection shot by shot during the round;
  4. Or any variation of the above that the student wants.

9 Hole Playing Lesson Rate - Student and instructor play 9 holes of golf at BCC, cost is $150, includes greens fees and cart fees.

Intermediate Level Lessons

Intermediate level lessons are for golfers that have some experience, rather than for novice players.

  • Advanced Putting Lesson- Green Reading  

    It is imperative that a player has a confident, comfortable, and effective stroke method before any other aspect of putting is addressed. It all starts there, and it's hard to overstate that fact. You must learn how to walk before you learn how to run, that's a given.

    After a student has developed their own putting stroke and has their core stroke burned into a neural pathway, it's time to concentrate more on green reading and playing break for putts.

    This lesson is different from a fundamental putting lesson in that it concentrates on reading break, and practicing breaking putts in accordance with those reads.

    The student will learn a method for reading putts that has been developed as a result of many hours of green reading technique research, and training in Fundamental and Advanced Level Aimpoint Green Reading Technology.

    A student can expect to leave this lesson with a firm understanding of how to read break in greens and where to aim their putts for success in playing breaking putts.

    The rate for The Advanced Putting Lesson for an individual is $60. The duration of the lesson is one hour.

  • The Driver Swing    At this lesson students are taught a driver swing technique that will blend with their personal full swing tendencies.

    The rate for The Driver Swing Lesson for an individual is $50, range balls included. The duration of the lesson is 45 minutes.

Private Lessons

One-on-one personalized instruction.

Designed for experienced golfers with intermediate or advanced skill levels. Private lessons are usually the choice for students that either want to improve their game overall, improve on a specific aspect of their game, or correct a problem.

Private lessons are flexible. If a student already knows the problem they want to address we can structure an outline for that accordingly. A Private lesson is not usually a quick fix, but on rare occasions a student only needs to repair one segment of their swing to realize vast improvement. Please note however, that is very much the exception rather than the rule.

The rate for a Private Lesson for an individual is $50, range balls included. The duration of the lesson is 45 minutes.

Private Junior Lessons

For players 13 years of age and younger: 30 minutes - $30, range balls included.

Couples or Two Person Lessons

This is my most popular lesson format for friends and couples, The rate for a two person lesson is $35 per student per lesson, range balls included. Lessons run 45 minutes in length. The Pre-Paid Fundamentals Five Lesson Package cost for two students is $150 per student, a savings of $25 per student, range balls are included.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons / Clinics include Fundamental instruction on either putting, short chipping, ball striking , or the full swing. Students really enjoy the friendly yet competitive aspects of the clinics.

Group lesson schedules will be posted here during the season

The Group Lesson rate is $40 per student, range balls included, 4 student minimum.

Gift Certificates

Contact Tom Tucker by email at

I'll get the necessary details from you then I send you an email telling the recipient that he or she has received a gift of golf lessons from you. Then you print out the email, place it in a gift card, and present it to the recipient.

Payment is due when the student books the lesson, not before. That way you don't have to worry about paying for something in the event that it's not used.

How To Get Lessons

Contact Tom Tucker through his cell phone (716) 474-3005, or at his residence (585) 344-3229
or by email at

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Professional Golf Lessons - Thomas Tucker
WGTF "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
USGTF Certified Class "A" Professional
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