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 Indoor Golf Lessons

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 Indoor Lesson Rates and Details  

For the 2015 - 2016 season, my private indoor lessons will be conducted at the
Plum Creek Driving Range & Practice Facility, located at 5141 Batavia Elba Townline Rd, Batavia, NY. An AboutGolf PGA Tour Simulator is utilized for indoor swing lessons.

Indoor lessons are by appointment only, availability is on Tuesdays all day (end time 6pm), and on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon to 3pm. For early risers, early morning lessons are available upon facility availability.

Indoor lessons are broken down into the same categories that are listed in the outdoor lesson section, lesson details and rates may be found here  Lesson Details and Rates

How indoor lessons differ from outdoor lessons. At outdoor lessons, I sometimes run over the allotted time for the lesson if I know the student has extra time in their schedule. At indoor lessons, the 45 time frames are strictly adhered to because I rent the simulator in 45 minute blocks of time.

For any lessons, indoor or outdoor, there is always the flexibility for the student to meet with me and set up their own personalized lesson plan.

Indoor lessons and driver fittings are available by appointment only, please call or text me at (716) 474-3005. or email me at if you have any questions or to make an appointment.

 Indoor Lessons - Pros and Cons  

  • Indoor lessons are a superior venue for developing a sound swing method. I say that because of the fact that there's no full length visible ball flight to obsess about, and as a result students focus more on technique. Add a simulator into the mix and you have the best of both worlds, because flight data is available after the swing as feedback for the instructor as well as for the student.
  • From an instructor's point of view, a simulator is a great tool to determine the cause for shots that produce less than optimal ball flight, because the data can tell the instructor if it's a swing path problem or clubface position problem. Often, at full speed outdoors, the apparent cause for a specific ball flight issue can be misleading.

    Launch data solves that problem.

  • Through practicing correct swing mechanics over and over, feel and tempo are developed. Indoors is perfect for that for beginners as well as for better players. In the spring, getting your new mechanics out on the golf course and working them to your game is extremely important.
  • It's convenient - indoors, there are no adverse weather conditions to contend with, so lessons are easier to schedule and students can dress comfortably.
  • Wind speed and direction are not a problem.
  • It's easier to use a variety of training aids and assessment tools.
  • Indoors is more private than a range, so the embarrassment factor is diminished.
  • Yardages are accurate.
  • The turf conditions are always consistent.
  • You hit off artificial turf, which can build false confidence in certain instances. You need to take care to monitor your ball first, ground second strike.
  • Many people that play and practice indoor golf say that the toughest part of playing or practicing golf on an indoor golf simulator is the chipping (60 yards and under). That's because the average amateur golfer is a visual player, while professionals play their shots based on feel and tempo. In a golf simulator the same rules apply.

 Indoor Professional Driver Fitting  

A professional driver fitting session is something you should consider:

  • If you think your driver ball flight is too high and as a result your ball doesn't roll out enough;
  • If you think your driver ball flight is too low and the ball isn't carrying far enough;
  • If you want to get the optimal carry and roll out of your swing and your driver,
  • Or if you are planning on getting a new driver.
It doesn't make sense to spend big bucks on a new driver if it's specifications don't allow you to get the most out of your swing. Also keep in mind that you'll get a totally objective fitting through me because I have no vested interest in selling you a new club.

Here's what happens at a driver fitting session:
  • First you warm up, then you take 5 or 6 swings on the simulator with your current driver and we evaluate your launch data to see how it compares with optimal launch angle and ball spin rates.
  • Then I usually offer a few suggestions to see if we can get a little more out of your current swing. Please note that this is not a complete swing lesson, I just try to get you swinging as well as you can with whatever swing you bring through the door plus a few tweaks as necessary. However, if the suggestions get you hitting your own driver at an acceptable launch angle, with a ball spin rate and smash factor that's within acceptable parameters, we utilize the rest of the session time with swing technique instruction.
  • Then you hit 5 or 6 more balls on the simulator and we check the data again. This time around we look at launch angle, ball spin rate, and smash factor. Smash factor tells us if you are hitting the ball squarely enough.
  • Next, we test your swing with my equipment to identify what loft and shaft flex combination yields the best results for your swing.
  • After we have identified those specifications, we discuss some thoughts on equipment and how to get the best bang for your buck if you decide to shop for a new driver. I follow up the session with an email to you with your driver specifications for future reference.
With two adjustable driver heads, and four different shaft flex options we'll be able to determine the best degree of loft and shaft flex combination for your swing.

Here's some of the equipment we use at your fitting sessions; some or all of it may be used at any particular session:
  • Our top of the line PGA Tour Simulator
  • Two Callaway RAZR Fit driver heads, a 10.5 degree, and a 9.5 degree. These heads can be adjusted for loft and clubface squareness with the shafts that I use.
  • Four different shafts:
    1. An Aldila RIP NV 60 "A" flex - a flexible "senior" or ladies regular flex shaft, mid torque, low kickpoint.
    2. An Aldila RIP NV 60 "R" flex - a regular flex shaft, mid torque, low kickpoint.
    3. An Aldila RIP NV 60 "S" flex - a stiff flex shaft, mid torque, mid kickpoint.
    4. An Aldila RIP 60 Tour "X" flex - an extra sfiff flex shaft, mid -low torque, mid - high kickpoint.
  • Other miscellaneous fitting aids.
The Rate for a Professional Driver Fitting is $55, , simulator charges are included, the duration for this session is usually about 45 minutes.

Indoor lessons and driver fittings are available by appointment only, please call or text me at (716) 474-3005. or email me at if you have any questions or to make an appointment.


Tom, Sorry my response took a while, it's tough for me to keep on top of my personal e-mails!

In regard to the lesson, I think it was very well executed. I appreciated the fact that it was structured and progressive, each segment of the swing taught and practiced until the end when we could put it all together.

I don't think I can think of a lesson in which the swing was broken down like that for me. I actually think I understand what the heck I've been doing wrong all this time! I can "feel" what my body has to do to execute a good swing and it's nothing fancy or hard to understand.

I think half of my problem is I have very poor body awareness, so when someone tells me to move a certain way I really have a hard time sensing what they want me to do. Pointing out how my arms should feel (passive) and what my shoulders should be doing(rotating )was a first. I think the drills will be most helpful, I appreciate the visuals that go along with them so I can make sure I'm practicing correctly.

It must be tough to have to teach people at various levels all in the same group but you accomplished it!

I'll actually be looking forward to the beginning of golf season for a change! Thanks much and you can certainly use any part of my comments if you'd like!

Beth Rich

Hi Tom,

I enjoyed the lesson very much. As I noted earlier, I've been playing this game for a long time so I have some deeply engrained bad habits that always seem to rear their ugly head (usually toward season end) and in retrospect, it's probably because of the timing required to keep my current swing together. I like the philosophy of your technique,and with steady practice and implementation on the course, I feel that the simplicity of this swing will allow me to lower my score. Now if I could only putt. (That's another lesson)!

Beth and I enjoy your passion for the game and we love playing together, so hopefully, this will help her to enjoy the game more. She get's frustrated while playing and I'm a worse teacher than a golfer.

You covered a lot in an hour so we will follow up with you in the spring with another lesson so you can evaluate our progress and will look forward to a round at your course, (I've never played BCC).

Best regards, Jeff Rich

Hi Tom,

We both wanted to thank you for the great lesson.

Destry and I both learned many new things about the golf swing and many other key techniques for improving our golf skills. For me, it was so much to think about, because I am a self-taught golfer (I'm sure it shows).

Destry enjoys your instruction greatly. I am hoping we may be able to "swing" a few more lessons this spring/summer.

Thanks again,

Bob and Destry Mullen (Editors note: father and son)


I was very pleased with the lesson. I thought that you did a great job describing the three swings and the differences. I thought the lesson was packed with useful information; especially the drills.

I plan to practice them and hope to gain consistency. I believe that you provided a very sound starting point for that - from knowledge and drills.

I would not hesitate to recommend the indoor lesson to my friends. Thank you for the additional thoughts.

Chad MayerHofer


I really liked the class. I like how you're really concerned about our game. The only thing is that it just went by too quickly.....

It was really nice of you to take the extra time to help us. There was so much information that you presented us with in such a short period of time. It's great having someone there to check your swing.

I think what you taught me will help,it certainly is different from my swing. I think that just keeping more weight on my left leg is going to be a major thing. I also feel stronger bending a little more with a wider stance. I was too straight up and I never felt confident that I could hit the ball solid most of the time.

..........Thank you for everything and I know your classes will help a lot of golfers.

Stephen Kolbert

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Professional Golf Lessons - Thomas Tucker
WGTF "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
USGTF Certified Class "A" Professional
Email: Cell (716) 474-3005

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