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 Advanced Putting Lessons

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Advanced Putting Lesson Testimonials

Hi Tom-

Since completing my series of advanced putting lessons, I have seen steady improvement in all aspects of my putting. I owe you a big thank you for the increased confidence I now have as I approach greens.and for the improvement in my average putts per round. My enhanced ability to read my line, control ball speed and stroke the ball with the pure pendulum swing you teach has already paid dividends in terms of improved performance.

The big bonus I wasn't counting on comes from the practice drills you use during the lessons. Anyone serious about improving can continue to do so after the lessons are over because you very systematically lay out the fundamentals and use practice drills which can be replicated by the student to provide positive, concrete feedback- the gold standard in motor learning!

Since I desire to know "why" as well as "how" when learning something, I found your willingness and ability to communicate exceptional. Am I a satisfied student? Absolutely, and I got more for my money than I ever dreamed I would and had fun to boot! Thank you.

Diane DeBacy


I really enjoyed the class. Since I had read "The Putting Bible" by Dave Pelz and was a believer, I have been trying (on my own ) to use this stroke. What I really got out of this was proper setup and sizing for the putter . I have no doubt that with the practice drills you gave me that I will be able to groove a much better more reliable and reproducable stroke. And isnt that what great putting is all about ?

Keep up the good work. Chi-Chi Rodriguez said "I dont fear death , but I sure dont like those three-footers for par" - probably because he never took your "can't miss" short putts class.


Mark Miles

Advanced Putting Lessons

The difference between the Fundamental Putting Lesson and Advanced Putting Lessons is that at the Fundamental Lesson students are exposed to an overview of putting fundamentals, including lag putting and short putts. This always helps the students cut strokes off their score, usually in a very short period of time. The average golfer three putts as many as five times or more per round; after the Fundamental lesson my students always reduce their three putt frequency, which is a main objective of the Fundamental Putting Lesson. If you can lag reasonably well and make short putts, your scoring improves.

At Advanced Putting Lessons students concentrate on developing a great stroke, then are taught not only how to decrease the frequency of their three putts, but also learn skills to help increase the frequency of their one putts, thereby taking their putting proficiency to a different level.

Most of the students that take the Advanced Putting Lessons are those that are committed to working on and improving their putting skills in order to take their putting to a very high level. In other words, they seriously want to practice to become excellent putters.

Some good putters may be born that way, but I believe that they can also be made if one is willing to learn and put in the practice time. Probably none of us can ever expect to have the power and control combination that the pro's have with their full swings, but I sincerely believe that a motivated student can be as good as anyone - including the pro's - with their putting, if they learn correctly and practice correctly.

Part 1 covers the science of putting, Part 2 covers the art of putting.

Advanced Putting Lessons - Options  if a player isn't completely satisfied with their existing putting stroke, Advanced Putting Lessons Part 1 and Part 2 would be appropriate.

If a player already has a putting method that they are 100% comfortable with, they may opt to take the Advanced Putting Lesson Part 2 only.

Advanced Putting Lessons Part 1  - includes a  
Concentrated Putting Stroke Lesson (click for details)  that is completely dedicated to having the student develop a consistent putting stroke. You will learn a stroke that can help you take advantage of the most important club in your bag.

Part 1 is normally conducted indoors at the Pro Shop at the Plum Creek Driving Range & Practice Facility, located at 5141 Batavia Elba Townline Rd, Batavia, NY - Directions.

Advanced Putting Lessons Part 2  - touch and feel practice on an actual green. Part 2 is conducted at the Plum Creek outdoor putting green.

If the student has had their golf balls balanced, we use them for Part 2, so that the student will get a feel for putting with a ball they are going to actually use in play. If the student does not bring in balls for balancing, we use some of my Pro V1's that are balance marked.

At the Advanced Putting Lesson Part 2, we cover:
  • speed factors that effect putting
  • your "Core" stroke
  • tempo
  • pre shot routine
  • stroke sequence
  • developing touch and feel for lag putts and shorter, makeable putts
  • a preferred method for stroking short, makeable putts
  • how to read break correctly - distinguishing between visual break and true break
  • drills

Advanced Putting Lesson Rates

Part 1 Only
  • $45

Part 1 and Part 2
  • $80, which represents a $10 savings if you were to take each lesson separately

Full payment is due at your first lesson.

Please click on the testimonials link to read what students have to say about their golf lessons:
Lesson Testimonials

How To Get Lessons

Contact Tom Tucker through his cell phone (716) 474-3005,
or by email at


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Professional Golf Lessons - Thomas Tucker
WGTF "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
USGTF Certified Class "A" Professional
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